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Reviewed By: Society for Humanistic Anthropology
Thursday, November 17, 2016: 10:15 AM-12:00 PM

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Organizers:  Lindsay A Bell (SUNY, Oswego)
Chairs:  Patricia Lamarre (University of Montreal)
Discussants:  Daniel Rosenblatt (Carleton University)
10:30 AM
Ventriloquists of Progress in a Canadian Resource Town
Lindsay A Bell (State University of New York, Oswego)
10:45 AM
Beast Time Signs, Belize 2001
W Kenneth Little (University of York)
11:00 AM
An Ethnography of Invisibility: Neuro-Medicine and Felt Theory
Denielle A Elliott (University of York)
11:45 AM
Daniel Rosenblatt (Carleton University)