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Reviewed By: Society for Humanistic Anthropology
Saturday, November 21, 2015: 4:00 PM-5:45 PM

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This session would be of particular interest to:
Practicing and Applied Anthropologists, Students
Organizers:  Seleste Ann Sanchez (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Chairs:  Leon Wainwright (The Open University and The Open University)
Discussants:  Petra Rethmann (McMaster University)
4:00 PM
Visualizing Victimhood in Colombia
Danielle R Merriman (University of Colorado)
4:15 PM
Dancemaking in Unexpected Places: Vertical Dance in Wyoming
Rodney A Garnett (University of Wyoming, Department of Anthropology)
4:30 PM
Curating Indigenous Performance Art: Notes from Ecocentrix 2013
Genner Llanes-Ortiz (CIESAS Mexico City)
5:00 PM
Petra Rethmann (McMaster University)
5:15 PM
Redefining an Ephemeral Collection
Carrie Ida Edinger (Independent Artist)
5:30 PM
Dancing the Pluriverse: Contemporary Indigenous Performance As Contestatory Ontological Praxis
Maria Regina Firmino Castillo (California Institute of Integral Studies and University of New Mexico)