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Event Type: Board Meeting

Sponsored By: Society for Medical Anthropology
Saturday, December 6, 2014: 8:00 AM-10:00 AM

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Organizers:  Athena McLean (Central Michigan University) and Yasemin Akdas (University of Florida)
Chairs:  Clarence C Gravlee (University of Florida)
Presenters:  Mara H Buchbinder (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill), Anne M Lovell (INSERM University Paris Descartes), Shao-hua Liu (Academia Sinica), Vincanne Adams (University of California, San Francisco), Judith Barker (), Hans Baer (), Joao Biehl (Princeton University), Cindy Dell Clark (Rutgers University), Lawrence Cohen (University of California Berkeley), William W Dressler (The University of Alabama), Didier Fassin (Institute for Advanced Study), Ruthbeth Finerman (University of Memphis), Peter J Guarnaccia (Rutgers University), Linda M Hunt (Michigan State University), Craig R Janes (), Janis H Jenkins (University of California San Diego), Devva Kasnitz (City University of New York, Society for Disability Studies), Sharon Kaufman (University of California, San Francisco), Helen Lambert (Bristol University), Sandra D Lane (Syracuse University), Cheryl Mattingly (), Susan McCombie (), Lisa M Mitchell (University of Victoria), Lynn M Morgan (Mount Holyoke College), Mark Nichter (University of Arizona), John B Page (University of Miami), Melissa M Park (McGill University), Carolyn Sargent (Washington University in Saint Louis), Elisa J Sobo (San Diego State University), Janelle S Taylor (University¬†Washington) and James Trostle (Trinity College)
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