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Reviewed By: Society for Cultural Anthropology
Thursday, December 4, 2014: 11:00 AM-12:45 PM

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This session would be of particular interest to:
Practicing and Applied Anthropologists, Students
Organizers:  Luciana Aenasoaie (University of Michigan) and Bruno E Renero-Hannan (University of Michigan)
Chairs:  Luciana Aenasoaie (University of Michigan)
Discussants:  Michael G. Flaherty (Eckerd College)
11:30 AM
‘Doing nothing’ but Something: Waiting, Social Becoming and Schooling in Uganda
Claire Elisabeth Dungey (Aarhus University) and Lotte Meinert (University of Aarhus)
11:45 AM
Dilated Time: The Everyday Subversion of Political Imprisonment in Oaxaca
Bruno E Renero-Hannan (University of Michigan)
12:30 PM
Michael G. Flaherty (Eckerd College)