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Reviewed By: American Ethnological Society
Sunday, December 7, 2014: 12:00 PM-1:45 PM

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This session would be of particular interest to:
Practicing and Applied Anthropologists, Students
Organizers:  Eben Kirksey (Environmental Humanities @ UNSW)
Chairs:  Eben Kirksey (Environmental Humanities @ UNSW)
Discussants:  Andrea Ballestero (Rice University) and Natasha Myers (York University)
12:00 PM
Andrea Ballestero (Rice University)
12:15 PM
Natasha Myers (York University)
1:00 PM
Staging the Xenopus Pregnancy Test
Dehlia Hannah (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
1:15 PM
The Act of Killing
Joshua Oppenheimer (Film Director)
1:30 PM
The Tactics of Multispecies Ethnography
Eben Kirksey (Environmental Humanities @ UNSW)