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View An Interdisciplinary Approach for Understanding Tahitian Women’s Perpetration of IPV
View Ethnographic Border Crossings and the Rise of a Global Pacific
View Tracing the Translation of Mana In Fiji
View Ai Afu [Eating Sweat]: The Mana and Ethics of the Fat Pastor’s Body In Independent Samoa
View Museums, Mana, and Sovereignty In Contemporary Oceania
View “Luv 2 Da Famz ‘I Tonga:” Transnational Identity and Linguistic Styles Among Tongan Youth Online
View Beyond Oral History: Situating Local Responses to Environmental Hazards
View Accumulating Knowledge, Dispossessing Relations
View Enewetak: Situated Histories of Dispossession
View From Cloudbreak to Lacerations: New Toponymies of Surfing On Indo-Pacific Reefs
View The Limits of Indigenous “Rights” and the Possibilities of a Maori Television Station “for All New Zealanders”
View A Tā-Vā [Time-Space] Critique of Tapu and Mana As Manifestations of Harmony and Beauty
View Calling Networks and Kerekere: The Role of Mobile Phones In Fijian Rural-Urban and Transnational Exchange Practices
View A Sea of Masculinities
View Geometrics and Pacific Masculinities
View Sailing Into the Unknown: Re-Connecting with An Oceanic Worldview In the Pacific
View Narrating Alterity In the Cultural Tourism Encounter In the Trobriand Islands
View Anticipating Need: Balancing Food, Money and Health
View Storage Closet, Educational Space, or Cash Cow? Negotiating the Borders of An Island Museum
View Examining Discourses of Race and Cultural Alterity: American Football, Polynesian Players, and the Specter of Blackness
View Structures of Sentiment: Distinct Social Attitudes Predict Giving, Taking, and Costly Punishment in a Fijian Village
View Our Sea of Protected Areas: The Cook Islands Marine Park and the Emergence of Large-Scale Marine Spatial Planning In the Pacific and Beyond
View Anthropological Depictions of Native Natural Resource Extraction, Past and Present
View Security, Commensurate and Incommensurable, In Ghana’s off-Shore Oil Fields 
View Out of Place, Out of Work: Canadian Oil and Gas Workers
View Energopolitics, “Civil Society,” and Postsocialist Transformation In Russia
View The State and the Corporate Effect
View Prayers At the Pump: The Revival Tent of Oil and Natural Gas In Alaska
View Mambai Cosmologies and the Lively Extractive Frontier of Southwestern East Timor
View Measuring Crude Realities
View The Oilpatch and Aboriginal Peoples In Northern Alberta
View Resource Curse and Transparency Therapy
View The Curse From Afar: Oil, War and Development In Eastern Chad
View The Technics and Politics of Invisibility In Trinidadian Natural Gas Production
View Pervasive Precarity? Migrant Contingent Workers In the Gulf of Mexico Oil Industry
View The Secret Life of Carbon Capital:  Incorporation and Spectacles of Attraction In Alberta's Energy Firms
View Negotiating Oil Waste Cleanup In the Ecuadorian Amazon
Organizational Anthropology
View Ethical Considerations In Multi-Stakeholder Work Contexts
View Fieldwork “Quality Control:” Purity, Suspicion and the Power of Ambiguity In Business Anthropology
View From Anthropologist In Another Department to Other In An Anthropology Department: An Autoethnographic Exploration In Professional Identity
View Fortunes for the Bold:  Entrepreneurs Exploiting Opportunity, New Organizational Populations and the Emergence of the Private Military and Security Industry
View Organizational Totalitarianism, Financial Crises and the Utopian Horizons of Economics
View Metaphor, Memory, and Changing Organizational Culture: Crossing Borders by Mending Fences
View How Does Your Country Score? Transparency Metrics, World Mapping, and Global Governance
View In the Name of Evidence-Based Practice: Managing Social Workers Through Science, Standards and Transparency In Sweden
View Resourcing Relations At a Gap Year Organisation
View Post-Socialist Financialscapes: Travelling Power and Imobile Transnationals
View Renegotiatibility of Ethical Borders
View Stuck In the Global? An International Organization At the Local Level
View Working At the Top of Your License When you’re Not a Clinician: Integration of Clerical Workers In Clinical Teams
View The Chain of Evidence and the Chain of Command: Confidentiality, Accountability, and the Utilization of Qualitative Evaluation Data
View Why Did Business Anthropology Forget Accounting? the Experience of Re/Max Spain
View Political Leadership and Organizational Change In Rural Local Governments In West Bengal, India
View A (Work)Force of Flexibility: Negotiating the Labor Rights and Benefits of Postal Employees
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